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Brotherhood & Betrayal

There is nothing poetic, nor is there any price worth paying for the life we choose to live on the streets. I’ve finally learned that lesson, but far too late. The pain that I’ve caused to my family and friends is unfathomable. It’s not until you become older and start to reflect on your life choices, that you realize how dreadful you have made life for those around you. My wife Chinadoll is infinitely acquainted to this pain. The stuff I put her through, is something I will regret for the rest of my life This book is an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of street gang and motorcycle club life.

New Age of Biking and Brotherhood
The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

The New Age Of Biking and Brotherhood will keep you on the edge of your seats with explosive never before heard material.You will get interviews granted only to James "Hollywood" Macecari from clubs like the Outlaws MC, Iron Order MC, Cossack 1%ers and more.Besides interviews you will get some behind the scenes knowledge of the Waco Twin Peaks incident between the Bandidos M/C and Ugly Man Cossacks.Crack that throttle because it's time to take a hard look at what is going on in the scene and the things that can bring it to its knees.

Iron Order MC
The Iron Order Motorcycle Club- The Year that changed the Motorcycle Scene

This book will look at the impact started in 2004 until now. Iron Order M/C has been the subject of multiple confrontations with well established motorcycle clubs and is seen as starting the "Pop-Up Club" phenomenon.Before the Iron Order M/C, it was unheard of accepting Active or Retire Law Enforcement into a civilian motorcycle club. Now, 2018 has seen a rise in clubs sporting the 1%er patch accepting law enforcement into their ranks. The 1%er patch was once seen as a badge of honor to those who are considered Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Now, with the Pop Up Club Phenomenon, the 1%er patch is now fading into history.This will be a brutally honest book about the Iron Order M/C. This book is one of the first that has been written on Iron Order M/C. It will include interviews with some in the Iron Order as well as information that will rock the readers world.

Legit Motorcycle Club
The Legitimate Motorcycle Club


An in depth How To publication on starting you're own motorcycle club. The publication will take you through step by step on how to get a legitimate motorcycle club off and going correctly. This publication will also give you an in depth look at what the motorcycle club scene is about. As well as how to avoid the mistakes, many make when trying to start up a motorcycle club.
In the day and age of Sons of Anarchy and Mayans, many have lost the traditions once held to heart by most of the motorcycle clubs now operating. These traditions are responsible for the growth and longevity of these clubs. Learn the secrets of the bigger motorcycle clubs and how they were able to last decades and grow worldwide. This book is the A-Z of what knowledge you will need to help grow your motorcycle club the correct way and keep it around just like the bigger clubs

Journey through th biker underword
Journey through the biker underworld  audio

In this is volume 1 in a series of two in which you will get to hear exclusive interviews with some of players in the motorcycle club underground. These interviews are conducted by none other than James “Hollywood”Macecari the host of the #1 Biker Related Podcast on the Internet.
Hollywood will present interviews relating to the Waco Twin Peaks incident with a defense attorney to the only individual brought to trial till this day. You will also hear others who have intimate knowledge of what occurred that day.
The program also presents an exclusive interview with the Chicago Confederation of Clubs and their response to Big Pete James. Big Pete James is an out bad former officer of the club who wrote a book on his time with the Outlaws. One that has been debunked by many in the club scene. By the time you hear that interview and one from the Cossack 1%ers, you will want to run from Big Pete James.
We also have an on the record interview with George Christie and the National President of the 13 Rebels MC as a bonus. Buckle up, you're about to be taken on a wild ride. Over 4 hours and 1 hour of bonus interviews await you.

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